Linda Nietes-Little


Trained in the New York stock market. Worked for Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner and Smith, Inc, in Hong Kong in the early sixties and was Operations Manager for the same international office when it opened its Asia Regional Office in Manila until the early seventies. The name of the company was later shortened to just Merrill Lynch which is an entirely different persona from MLPFS. When I was working with MLPFS, it was the world's biggest brokerage in the world with its international office in Geneva, Switzerland and a domestic office in New York. I opted for an early retirement when martial law was declared in the Philippines in 1972.

In 1972, I opted for an early retirement from MLPFS when martial law was declared in the Philippines and I opened a specialty (Filipiniana) bookshop called Casalinda Bookshop in San Antonio Plaza, Forbes Park, Makati, Metro Manila. This was in response to the question: "What will you do for your country at a time of crisis?" Despite government censorship, I provided a home for Filipino writings by opening a bookshop, in solidarity with writers whose lips have been sealed and whose hands have been tied during martial law! The Bookshop moved its operations to California in 1984 and reopened as Philippine Expressions Bookshop. The year 2017 marks the Bookshop's 33rd year serving the Filipino Community in North America. Altogether, I have been a cultural activist for the last forty-five years; am looking forward to retirement, if a young booklover would succeed me and take on bookselling as a career. I feel that I am not just selling books; I am selling the culture, history and traditions of my country, the thoughts, words and aspirations of its people as expressed by the authors of the Filipiniana books that our Bookshop sell. To be a bookseller with a mission, it is not enough to just be a booklover. One must have a great passion for books and should look upon the work as a ministry and a real service to the Filipino American community!